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Easy First Bike For Los Angeles Kids

Easy First Bike For Los Angeles Kids There’s a new way for Los Angeles kids to learn how to ride a bike. At first glance, balance or no-pedal bikes look just like any other kid’s bike. Look closer, however, and you notice that they are missing something: pedals.

In my West Hollywood neighborhood cul-de-sac, I have seen toddlers as young as two hop on these bikes, scoot around for a few minutes and in no time at all, they are balancing like a pro. Los Angeles balance bike sellers say that when a child is ready for the real thing, no training wheels are required.

If you are interested in getting a no-pedal bike for your child, don’t buy a size up. Both of your child’s feet should be firmly planted on the ground when he or she is sitting on the seat.

I promote children’s health and fitness in Los Angeles and sell a nutritional product that many West Hollywood families enjoy. To learn about the top children’s nutrition pick of the year, call or email me today.

Wendy Leatherwood
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3 Ways To Cut Your Kids’ Sugar Intake In Hollywood

3 Ways To Cut Your Kids' Sugar Intake In Hollywood

If your Hollywood children are like mine, they love sweets. It seems like it takes a few years for children to appreciate flavors more sophisticated than Hubba Bubba and Fruity Pebbles. If my kids were in charge of the grocery list, we would eat popsicles for breakfast and gummy bears for dinner.

If you are trying to wean your kids (or yourself) off sugar, I suggest you reduce it in phases. Radical changes rarely succeed for Hollywood children.

Here are 3 ways to reduce the sugar in your kid’s diets.

1) Drink less soda: they are loaded with sugar and empty calories.
2) Use whole grains: complex carbs provide long-term energy. Brown rice, whole wheat bread, and whole-grain pasta are all readily available at Hollywood grocery stores.
3) Substitute natural sweeteners like stevia, honey, and 100% fruit juice. The more subtle sweetness provided by natural sweeteners helps taste buds adjust gradually to less sugar.

Xocai offers many low-glycemic healthy chocolate products that kids love. See for more information.

Check back here next week for more timely tips on improving your children’s health or call Skype: wendynorthbeach today. Here’s to a healthy week!

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What is the Best Los Angeles Energy Drink?

West Hollywood Business Opportunity Are energy drinks a recent West Hollywood phenomenon? Though Red Bull may claim they invented the super-potent beverage, many ancient cultures concocted herbal energy drinks centuries before Red Bull sold their first can. Xocai’s Xe energy drink embodies the best of the proven natural energy boosters from around the globe.

Let’s look at the ingredients in Xocai’s Xe Proprietary Pure Energy Blend.

Maca, like acai, is a superfood from South America. Cultivated by ancient Peruvians, maca is now used internationally as a safe, herbal medicine to aid weight loss, increase bone strength, promote mental acuity, and increase libido (can Rock Star do that?).

The Chinese have used ginseng for centuries as an energy booster, memory aid, heart medicine and overall health supplement. Because of its effectiveness, most other countries have adopted ginseng as well.

This low glycemic index sweetener slowly releases carbohydrates into your system. Because it prevents blood sugar spikes, it also suppresses appetite because blood sugar surges stimulate hunger pangs.

Yerba Mate
Another South American plant, yerba mate is packed with antioxidants and provides sustained physical energy without the jitters that can make it hard to focus.

A plant-based flavonoid that is believed to reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, asthma and reduce the symptoms of diabetes.

This natural stimulant has been used by Amazonian tribes for thousands of years as a treatment for a variety of ailments including migraines, fever, hypertension and diarrhea. Some pre-Colombian tribes ate guarana seeds prior to battle because it staved off fatigue during intense hand-to-hand combat.

Let Xocai’s Xe energy drink help you fight your daily battles. I am an independent Los Angeles healthy chocolate distributor. To order Xe, call Skype: wendynorthbeach.

I am looking for chocolate lovers to sell Xocai dark chocolate in Brentwood, Tarzana, and Hollywood.

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West Hollywood Fitness Buffs Love Xocai

West Hollywood Fitness Buffs The health and wellness market is booming in Los Angeles. If you don’t believe me, try to find a free machine at your nearest Brentwood gym or locate a spot on the floor for your mat at a crowded yoga class at any Tarzana studio. Though many industries are struggling in this economy, companies that sell health supplements and provide other wellness products and services are finding a steady market in the West Hollywood and Brentwood areas.

I am currently profiting from the robust CA health market with a truly unique company that has created a revolutionary wellness product category. I have been selling Xocai Healthy Chocolate since March 2011 . Can you think of a better combination; powerful nutritional products made with antioxidant-rich weight-loss chocolate

My customers are not all Hollywood body builders, West Hollywood triathletes nor Brentwood yoga lovers. To tell the truth, many of my Xocai healthy chocolate regulars are not crazy about exercise. They are simply crazy about chocolate but don’t want to risk heart disease and diabetes by consuming harmful chocolate on a daily basis. By ‘harmful chocolate’ I am referring to pretty much all chocolate products except Xocai Healthy Dark Chocolate.

Speaking of diabetes, many of my customers actually are diabetics. They eat Xocai healthy chocolate daily because, with Xocai chocolate’s low glycemic index, they are one of the few sweets that Hollywood diabetics can eat without worrying about elevated blood sugar.

Call me at Skype: wendynorthbeach or email to tap into the booming health and wellness market in Los Angeles. You, too, can profit from the genius of Xocai.

Cheers!! Wendy

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Mobile Shopping Can Increase West Hollywood Direct Sales

Mobile Shopping Can Increase West Hollywood Direct SalesYour West Hollywood home business customers shop with their smartphone: is your business iPhone-friendly? Many West Hollywood network marketers are still trying to bring their businesses into the digital age by opening e-stores that cater to internet shoppers who shop from their Los Angeles home.

As usually happens, however, CA customers are way ahead of Los Angeles entrepreneurs who operate network marketing businesses.

Los Angeles internet shoppers are not only buying from their home, they are researching products and comparing prices on the fly with their iPhones, Androids and BlackBerry Curves.

This is good news for West Hollywood network marketers because it allows us to compete even more effectively with traditional CA retail sellers.

Creative West Hollywood direct sellers will use the same methods the big guns use to drive sales. If group bartering, limited-time text sales, and special Facebook deals work for national retailers, why can’t Los Angeles network marketers use them to sell products and recruit team members?

Perhaps the next cool mobile selling strategy will come from the CA network marketing community.

I am distributor Wendy Leatherwood. I am currently building my meal replacement shake network with a variety of methods: old school and cutting edge. If you need a mentor for your West Hollywood meal replacement shake home based business, I would love to help you succeed.

Call me today at Skype: wendynorthbeach to get started. I will make sure you avoid the common mistakes new West Hollywood direct sellers often make. Don’t waste your time with trial and error, use my proven methods for Los Angeles home business success.

distributor Wendy Leatherwood Skype: wendynorthbeach
West Hollywood, CA zip code CA
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Can Texting Help West Hollywood Kids Eat Healthier?

Can Texting Help West Hollywood Kids Eat Healthier?

Hello West Hollywood parents. I ran across an article in Women’s Day magazine with some creative suggestions for helping children lose weight and develop sensible eating habits. (‘Is My Child Too Heavy,’ Women’s Day, June 2011, p. 102)

If you are one of the many West Hollywood parents who is worried about your child’s weight, you might find these helpful:

  1. Have kids help you prepare meals. If they prepare healthy dishes, they are more likely to eat them.
  2. Encourage volunteering. ‘Boredom often goes hand-in-hand with overeating, volunteering keeps them busy and boosts self-esteem.’
  3. Limit eating to the kitchen table. Mindlessly snacking while watching TV or playing video games can add a significant amount of calories.
  4. Text a food journal. Handy texters (doesn’t that include every kid over the age of 12?) can more easily track their eating with the device they always have with them.

West Hollywood children’s health is a priority for me. I am distributor Wendy Leatherwood of West Hollywood. I sell a nutritional product that kids eat like candy. My West Hollywood customers use meal replacement shake as a healthy treat for the whole family. To order meal replacement shake, call me at Skype: wendynorthbeach.

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West Hollywood Home Business: Earn Cash In Your Spare Time

West Hollywood Home Business: Earn Cash In Your Spare Time

You can earn extra cash in your spare time, even if you have very little spare time. I am Wendy Leatherwood. I started my meal replacement shake business in March, 2011. I work in the communities of Brentwood, Tarzana, and Hollywood selling meal replacement shake.

A quality product that provides value for Los Angeles people is the key to a successful home business. If you want to supplement your income in West Hollywood, I recommend meal replacement shake.

Whether you are a 9-to-5er, Los Angeles shift worker, or independent Brentwood contractor, the meal replacement shake business works with your busy life.

Running my West Hollywood home business is not stressful. Processing meal replacement shake orders is actually a nice change from my day job.

If you would like more information about the Los Angeles meal replacement shake direct selling opportunity, let’s get together and discuss it. You can email me at or call me at Skype: wendynorthbeach.

Thanks for visiting my West Hollywood home based business blog. If you want to join my team, call me right away! Cheers!! Wendy

distributor Wendy Leatherwood
Skype: wendynorthbeach
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Can Healthy Chocolate Help Fibromyalgia in Tarzana?

Brentwood Acai Berries If you are one of the many Los Angeles fibromyalgia sufferers, you know how difficult life can be with this debilitating condition. Extreme muscle pain and chronic fatigue are the most common physical symptoms, but sufferers also experience mental and emotional problems such as depression and problems focusing.

The following information is from the Mayo Clinic:

“Fibromyalgia occurs in about two percent of the population in the United States. Women are much more likely to develop the disorder than are men, and the risk of fibromyalgia increases with age. Fibromyalgia symptoms often begin after a physical or emotional trauma, but in many cases there appears to be no triggering event.”

Xocai healthy chocolate can help West Hollywood fibromyalgia sufferers by reducing inflammation, increasing energy and promoting alertness.

In 2006, a fibro patient named Mike reluctantly tried Xocai at the urging of his wife, Beverly.

“Wow…was I in for an awakening! Once I started on Xocai Activ and Nuggets, I began to notice a difference in just 4 days…that’s right, 4 days! In two weeks, I was so much better, I was talking to family, friends and work associates all the time about this great discovery I had made.

Since Mike found relief, many people in Los Angeles have discovered the best-tasting health supplement for fibromyalgia sufferers; Xocai antioxidant chocolate. If you have fibromyalgia symptoms and live in Brentwood, Tarzana, or Hollywood, contact me at Skype: wendynorthbeach to try Xocai dark chocolate.

As a special note, Xocai likes to remind all my friends in Los Angeles that these statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Learn To Connect With Your West Hollywood Network

Connect With Your West Hollywood Network Attention West Hollywood entrepreneurs; here are eight simple steps to help you grow your home based businesses.

John C. Maxwell is an internationally-recognized leadership mentor who has sold over 12 million books. In an article entitled “Connecting with People” (Prosper Home-Based Business Solutions, January 2011), Mr. Maxwell explains how to maximize your influence by improving your ability to connect.

West Hollywood network marketers can use Mr. Maxwell’s guidance to motivate their sales teams and improve their relationships.

1) Don’t Take People for Granted
Your downline and West Hollywood customers provide your passive income. Without them, you do not have a West Hollywood home business. They are everything.

2) Possess a Difference-Maker Mindset
This rule speaks directly to each person’s level of confidence and sense of self-worth. If you don’t believe in your abilities, you will not inspire anyone to join your West Hollywood network marketing sales team.

3) Initiate Movement Toward People
People make things happen. Focus on the abilities of your direct selling team, not just strategies or projects.

4) Search for Common Ground
Creative West Hollywood MLM leaders can find a way to relate to every potential customer or sales team member.

5) Recognize and Respect Differences
Don’t pretend you are exactly alike or see eye-to-eye on every issue. Find a way to make your differences complement rather than clash.

6) Learn the Key to Others’ Lives
Learning about a person’s history can help you discover what motivates them.

7) Communicate from the Heart
Sincerity wins West Hollywood customers and network marketing team members.

8) Share Common Experiences
Interacting with MLM team members is time well spent.

To read the complete article, see Prosper Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 1. You can order a copy at Prosper Home-Based Business Solutions.

For information on the best home business opportunity in Los Angeles, give me a call today.

distributor Wendy Leatherwood
West Hollywood, CA
Skype: wendynorthbeach
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